sites not showing up in feed

I just renewed my premium account, and none of my previous sites are showing up in my feed. Additionally, when I try to re-add a previously subscribed site, it is listed as “subscribed” in the search menu. I also noticed that when I first log in, the number of sites subscribed to is displayed as 124 (which should be about correct) but quickly changes to show the 3 sites I subscribed to after renewing my subscription. 

Additionally, when I go directly to the site’s feed, using a previously saved link, the site displays fine in the center column to read, but is still not listed under “All site stories” let alone the appropriate folder under all site stories, if I click on the site in this view, it gives me the option to unsubscribe from the site itself via the delete option. I can then resubscribe without issue.

All of the above issues are related to, I have not attempted access through any of the apps.

Please let me know what is going on, and I hope I won’t have to manually delete and re-add all of my previously subscribed sites.

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I bet you’ve got some Muted sites. Go to manage > Mute Sites. See your feeds? If you go to you’ll be able to un-mute by folder, which should be faster. Why this happened, I’m not sure.

 What’s your username?

That looks like it; thanks for the help, and thanks for the tip about My username is wpennell.