Site Disappeared/Removed After Refresh

Earlier today, NewsBlur was not marking stores as read (the normal interaction I expect is the titles are bold until I scroll past them, where they go unbold and marked as read") on my Lifehacker feed (

I hit the Home button and then hit refresh in my browser.  When it came back, Lifehacker was missing completely.  I refreshed again and then wiped my browser’s cache to no joy, the feed was gone.

I checked the site organizer tool as well as the mute site tool and it was not listed there either.  I did not receive the usual automated email from Newsblur with a backup of my feeds as if it was removed by my choice.

I readded the feed manually and it loaded without issue.  Just thought I would make you aware as that could be a potentially painful bug.

If it matters, Chrome v 40.0.2214.93 m, not using any visual style or script that should interfere with NewsBlur (other than Ghostery and AdBlock)

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You know, the only sites I’ve ever heard of disappearing are the Kinja sites (gizmodo and lifehacker). They must be doing something absolutely bizarre in their caching that causes the sites to become merged with another site. Anyway, thanks for letting me know. I subscribe to and haven’t had issues yet.