Site actions slow


For the past few days, it seems like the site has been slow with any/all actions.
Opening the menu for a folder, changing highlighted entries as we move the mouse down the list, performing an action from the list.

Please check it out.

Thank you.

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Nothing has launched in the past couple weeks, so it’s likely a wayward browser extension. Try disabling all of them and seeing if NewsBlur works better. Then it’s a matter of turning each one back on one-by-one.

Don’t believe it’s any browser extension, as I’ve been using the same couple for years.
Disabling adblock is not something I’m ever going to do…

Try disabling it for newsblur just to see if it’s the culprit. Also which adblocker do you use?

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Hmm… not much difference.
uBlock Origin in Hard mode

Can you try a different browser and see if that fixes things? I haven’t deployed anything to the frontend for a few weeks as I am on paternity leave, but browser extensions have always proven to be problematic.

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Congratulations and no worries, I can live with this.