Since 1 or 2 days, browsing all stories is broken

Must have started the last 1 or 2 days: I usually scroll through “All Site Stories” in feed mode. Now some longer stories cause the whole feed to move to the left automatically so that only the one story is shown in the browser window. This is without clicking anything, I’m not sure what’s happening, any idea how to prevent this?

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I just launched a major change to how the feed view is drawn, so this is entirely possible. Can you post a full browser screenshot and explain what is supposed to be happening but is not? Is it a drawing issue or is interaction failing?

Thanks for the quick reply! It looks like it’s auto-switching to “Text” view on longer entries. instead of keeping in “Feed” mode. Screencap sent via email.

Thanks for letting me know. It was a simple fix and I just deployed it. Reload and it should work well. Note that if you scroll, it won’t switch between Feed and Text, but if you use the arrow keys (or j/k) then you’ll be switched to the correct view.

Text view is now per-feed when reading by folder. A folder used to have a single Text/Feed view, but now the individual feed takes over. This matches the experience on iOS.

That seems to have done it, thank you!!