Simplify by making filter options global

I end up often going to the settings of a feed and switching the filter settings when I would be happier simply having a global view setting and not having to manage per feed.

I don’t think there’s a whole lot of utility out of having custom per-site sort/filter (unread vs. all). Maybe I’m wrong? Filtering some sites to trained only is where I can see some utility for per-feed filtering. Some sites have too much noise (lifehacker, for instance) that I would like to reduce the amount of stories.

But it’s confusing - when you use the green filter button on the lower left to filter trained stories, it affects reading pane feeds globally, whereas the All vs Unread doesn’t.


I think it would actually make things more complicated. Especially as the filters can be somewhat broad (tag: apple, for instance). My experience says that I want to filter per-site. You subscribe to individual sites, so you should filter individual sites. If you want a more aggregated reader, then NewsBlur isn’t the best fit, as it won’t even de-dupe stories between different feeds. If you just want a smattering of “best-of” stories, there are plenty of other readers that specialize in that sort of curation.

Also remember that training is a one time thing. You shouldn’t need to train constantly, which is why I’m OK with the fact that training does take a few seconds per feed (and not instant).

Sorry, I was being unclear. By filter options, I meant the choices of viewing ‘All Stories’, ‘Unread Only’, or ‘Green’. There’s no tooltip for the green button, so I’m not sure what you call that view internally and I chose to call it ‘Trained’, whereas I think you must refer to it as ‘Filtered’. I agree that each site should have it’s own filter/training settings as you describe.

The way I usually want to view a feed is ‘Unread Only’, and occasionally I want to view ‘All Stories’ because I want to see something recent that has been marked as read. So you have to go to the feed’s settings, set to ‘All stories’, find that story, then go back to regular use. I never want the ‘All Stories’ setting to stick to a feed’s settings.

And, BTW, this is super nit-picky critique of a really great software/service. Keep up the good work!

PS: Suggestion #2: Newsblur needs tooltips!

You can choose a global option for the reading mode, but it is overridable on a per-feed/folder basis. I’m thinking about adding a reset button to remove all of the overrides.

Oh, and for my derp of the day: There is a name for the green button: ‘Focus’. Just had to make the sidebar bigger.