Simple login from inside of demo mode (for restarting after crash)

Idea: simple login from inside of demo mode. Perhaps put a thin strip on the top of the demo mode for username, password, and submit.

When my browser crashes, on restart it will restore my windows, including my window to Newsblur. Typically that would be something like… . However, the cookies are gone, so I’m logged out. Instead I get Newsblur’s demo mode. Logging in requires a few steps. It’s not a big deal, but having the login form right there would make getting back to where I was a bit faster and more pleasant, at least until my browser stops crashing :slight_smile: .

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Noted. There is a login form at, which might help. But I hear you. The demo mode to login is a couple clicks away. But why does your browser log you out? What happens to your cookies?

I’m not entirely sure why my cookies are getting wiped. I’d attribute it to my configuration (clear cookies on exit), but some cookies are surviving the crash. It’s possible that the cookies aren’t getting wiped and something else is going on. I’ll try to remember to checking the cookies next time I recover from a crash and see what survived.