Significant Delay for updates or no updates for some feeds

Yesterday someone answered a question I asked about feeds being real time under normal circumstances. I am sympathetic to the current challenge supporting an mass influx of users. The answer was that most of the performance problems have been resolved as of Sunday PM and that all feeds are updated in real time.

I created my account yesterday and have yet to see 75% of new articles appear in NewsBlur unless I manually update each feed. I currently have 59 sites. I am not seeing updates for nearly all of the less popular feeds. Some of the more popular feeds are updating very slow - many hours behind.

Are things operating normally overall or do I have a problem with my specific account?



Same problem here, with both and At best, all my feeds are several hours behind. Even manual updates don’t seem to load new articles. Currently there are no new articles showing in NewsBlur for my local news feed. That same feed in Google Reader has at least 15-20 new articles over the past 6-7 hours.

I’m also having this issue with several of my news feeds, but it appears that manually updating them does the trick.

Edit: There is a feed that even manually updating it, doesn’t show an update that Google Reader does show.

I cleared everything out of Google Reader and NewsBlur two hours ago. Google Reader is showing 36 new items; NewsBlur 4. Some of the feeds haven’t been updated in Newsblur since I opened a premium account.

Hopefully things will even out before July…

I have to say this is disconcerting, If I don’t double check with the old Google Reader, I’m missing articles sometimes by hours. It’s taking twice as long with having to manually update some of my feeds to make sure I get what’s current. Having said that, it’s my only issue and I do hope it gets resolved soon otherwise I’m not sure it was worth paying for a premium account at this stage.

I could put up with a delay – I don’t like it but I could tolerate it. What has me worried is that some feeds aren’t showing up at all

I’m having the same problem, and share your concern. Sometimes, when you compare the articles in newsblur side-by-side with the same feed in Google, there are Google updates that don’t show up in newsblur until hours later. Until you scale newsblur to replicate the consistency of google, I’m extremely concerned.

It is pretty awesome that you have done this yourself, and I respect that you have had a lot of us dumped on you at one time and that some expect you to be “just like” Google Reader and will get disgruntled if that is not the case.

Will ramping up the fetching speed solve the case of the missing feeds?

When you say the feed is missing, you don’t see it at all? Even in All mode (vs. Unread/Focus mode)? Can you subscribe to the feed?

The immediate example of my issue with feed updating is my USAToday feed. The last article has a time stamp of 8:26 a.m. this morning. Google newsreader shows the lastest article with a time stamp of 8:22 p.m. today. Why?

okay – when I went to “all” I found a lot of sites with exclamation points – which apparently means they are “misbehaving”! I am going through all of them to see which ones can be fixed and then we will see how the performance goes

Thanks for the transparency. much appreciated.

Thanks! Your work here is appreciated despite the issues some have experienced.

Yes, thanks. After paying for premium I was also seeing some of my less popular feeds updating VERY slowly – but had thought that they’d be checked hourly, and was starting to wonder…

As important as all the hard coding you’re doing is taking the five here and there to let us know what’s going on!

This clears up everything. It makes sense you had to lower the interval for awhile, even for premium members. I will keep monitoring. Let us know how the new scaling efforts go.

After last night’s upgrade things are improving quite considerably. My feeds are updating in Newsblur just about as they update in Google Reader.

I think things are looking up.

That’s awesome! Yes, I have spent the last two days significantly speeding up the queuing system and fetching system. And I have yet to introduce a huge change that will work 10-20x faster for queuing feeds (which was becoming my limiting reagent in the feed fetch equation). Now I just need to finish the sharding of mongo, which is now considerably easier to do after having completing a 2 day data migration that re-establishes a non-sparse unique index on stories, so I can set it as my shard key and not have to use an index prefix. That will allow me to spin up more task fetchers which will be needed as usage increases. Hurray!


Oh, and once this is all done I’m working on shipping the re-design, then fixing all the damn bugs that thousands of people now have their eyes on. And THEN new features!


Good to hear Samuel! ;-9 Nice work. Let us know once done…