Sidebar not showing unread stories, but unread stories exist.

Click All Site Stories.
A list appears in the RH pane, but no list appears in the LH pane.


When I reload the page, the LH pane updates and the stories show up normally.
It’s not clear to me what actions caused the app to go into the bad state, but I will let you know if I figure it out.
This, btw, is Firefox 27.0.1 with a fairly agressive NoScript plugin.

OK, here it is.
Reload the page, get some unread stories in the left nav panel.
Click All Site Stories to open the list of stories in the RH panel.
Click the first story in the RH panel to open it.
Wait for story to go unread after 2 seconds.
Click the Down Arrow to go to the next story.
Repeat until all the stories are read in the RH panel.
Wait a little while to insure some new, unread stories are available.
Click All Site Stories in the LH panel to refresh.
Boom! You are now in the state shown in the picture above.

I am experiencing this same issue. The left-hand pane is not updating automatically as it typically does. If I click “All Site Stories” in the left column, the new stories will show up in the main reading pane but the story count will not refresh in the left column. If I refresh (F5) the site, the story counts will show up in the left column and the new stories appear in the right column. Once all stories have been read, we’re back to the initial state where nothing is automatically updated. I’m also using Firefox 27.0.1 but don’t have any add-ins running that should affect anything.