Show when I'm at the end of the reading list

Thank you Samuel. The Android App is finally with version 2.1 useful and working as expected by me. It took a lot of time but now I’m happy.

I found one annoyance:
When I swipe through all me articles (feeds) and come to the last unread item then I try to swipe on but nothing happens, because it was the last unread story. Makes sense, but it is not so user friendly.
I would suggest to implement one of the following solutions:
Option 1: Show a message “no more stories to read” (like in the web Newsblur)
Option 2: Bring me back to the start screen of the Android Newsblur app which will show me that I have no more stories to read and checks for updates of my feeds immediately.

I would prefer option 2 but would also settle with option1 (which I think would be easier and faster to implement). From my point of view this would give a boost to the user friendliness of the app.