Show unread count in title bar

It would be nice to have an indication of number of unread articles in Newsblur in the title bar. So the title of the browser tab / window would be “NewsBlur (51)”, that sort of thing. Ideally, it would be the count of the currently selected set-up, so if I have one folder selected and the slider set to green, the number would be the number of “good” articles in that folder only.

Here’s why:
I keep a select few sites open as “app” tabs in Firefox (aka “pinned tabs” in Chrome). All but Newsblur show some indication of unread articles in their title bar - Twitter shows new tweets; Facebook shows notification count, etc.

When you make a tab into an app tab (or pin it in Chrome), you lose all the text, but if the title of the page changes, Firefox (and Chrome) highlights that tab to let you know something interesting has happened. They only do it, though, if the title of the page has changed (so as to avoid highlighting if, e.g., an ad reloads itself or something).


I’d set this up as a Preference. But there’s not enough time to get to this in the next couple weeks. Get a few more votes and I’ll get it in sooner. :slight_smile:

Oh, I felt so dirty asking for more votes. You have such a thorough write-up. Went ahead and implemented this and deployed. It’s now a preference. Let me know how that works for you. I think a number of other people would like this. It’s also been a feature request since way back when, so it’s about damn time.

Fantastic! I was just about to ask for this, and saw that it was added!

Man, I love this. Someones got an request.
You instantly reply.
Much better: You instantly do.
Next year I will be doomed if I’m not going to spend MORE than a lousy 12 $…


No need to feel dirty about asking for votes! You could have asked for money and been well within your rights!

Speaking of $$$, just upgraded to premium. You have very much impressed me and deserve the $$$ even if it didn’t come with any extra benefits!

Thanks, I am using this setting now too and find it valuable.

Hello, great feature, thank you for implementing it. Would have been even better if it had been formatted like so: ‘(x/y) NewsBlur’. That way, when reading the title from the taskbar, we could still see the numbers even when many different applications are open and only the start of the title is displayed. It is a small detail of course, but quality and ease of use is all in the attention paid to details. I know some smart websites who do it this way. Even GMail has it as a Lab option.

Just deployed this. Thanks for the advice. I figured anybody who actually wants the counts will want them first.

Great! Thanks a lot.