"Show hidden stories" not working

Newsblur has got the little alert to let me know I’ve got stories in my feed that are hidden because of the thumbs up/down I’ve used. However, when I click on the “Show hidden stories” in the upper right hand part of the page, nothing happens.

Thanks for any help you can give!


The story is usually hidden somewhere deeper in the feed. It’s just that the story is probably some dozens of stories down in your feed, so when you hit it, unless it’s one of the top few stories, you won’t see it. Kind of odd to have split the show button and the actual results, but I don’t know where else to put it. I can’t just put it where the hidden story *would* be, that’d be distracting.

Maybe I’ll just show the hidden story’s title. That seems like a decent thing to do, but it would be distracting. I just really don’t want to see hidden stories, at all.

Here’s the other thing, when you see a red number, you usually know why that story is hidden, so it’s just confirming for you that in the past two weeks, you hid X number of stories. And it serves as a confirmation, that yeah, NewsBlur’s working for you.

I’ve noticed that “Show Hidden Stories” does NOT work when viewing “All Site Stories”. It works when viewing by folder or feed. I currently have 7 unread items, one being filtered. Clicking show hidden stories causes no additional story to come up.

Also, I find that sometimes the “show hidden stories” button doesn’t show up at all, even though the red number is there, indicating that there are hidden stories. I would love to be able to click the red number, and have only the hidden stories visible.