Shouldn't You Remove Stylish As A Recommendation?

Given the security issue that is posed by Stylish, you might want to remove all links from the NewsBlur site pointing to the Stylish Dark Theme for Newsblur.

Definitely should advise folks against using Stylish. My copy of Firefox/Waterfox auto-prompted me to remove it about a week ago, but I’m sure some folks might not have heeded the warning. All that said, links can still be of use: there are non-evil replacements for Stylish (such as Stylus) that can apply userstyles safely and effectively.

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Ok, updated the Goodies dialog with a link and note about Stylus. I can’t remove Stylish entirely because the dark theme is hosted on which is owned by Stylish.

Awesome response @samuelclay. As a computer security professional, I sincerely appreciate it. It’s disappointing we have to protect ourselves from malicious intent like that of the new Stylish owners, but it’s the world we live in.

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