Should we call 911? It's been over 24 hours. Really worried about Samuel.

Anyone try to call the number of whois information?


He mentioned on another issue that he was going to be on vacation. I don’t recall the dates but that may explain him being silent.

If you could find the post, that’d be helpful probably, otherwise it’s not a bad idea, he is generally very responsive to even the most minor issues.

Here it is:…

In addition to mentioning a vacation, he also made this tweet this morning, so that’s comforting to know he’s ok!…

I check these things every two hours, that’s why I said “It’s been over 24 hours”.
Even he is on vacation, it’s not meaning he’s ok.
Samuel is the best man I know on the Internet(except Aaron Swartz of course ). If I can speak English, I will definitely call the number of whois information.

True, and I just saw his tweet was in fact yesterday, not this morning.

If I wasn’t stuck on my ass after getting surgery yesterday, I would walk to his house with a six pack and a gift basket, and check in on him. :slight_smile:

Is he into Burning Man?