Should be able to highlight multiple words in the story title at a time without having to close and re-open the intelligence trainer.

Currently if you open the intelligence reader for a story you have ability to highlight a word or phrase in the story’s title to either like or dislike. Awesome!

The problem starts when you want to highlight multiple words or phrases in the title. Perhaps I want to tell NewsBlur that I like both “nuclear” and “war” separately. It feels perfectly natural to TRY and do this.

  1. open trainer
  2. highlight “nuclear”
  3. click LIKE
  4. highlight “war”
  5. click LIKE
  6. click SAVE

However after doing this I was sad to discover that it didn’t actually save all of my selections. I had to re-open the trainer for reach phrase and Save one at a time.

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Interesting observation. Check this thread to see my plans for Intelligence:…

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