Shorter refresh intervall for premium users?

As free user, feed with little subscribers seem to refresh about once an hour. There’s also the teaser that such feeds would refresh every 10minutes for paying users. So i upgraded to premium, but the feed still updates only once per hour.

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Interesting. The 10 to 12.5 minutes number comes from the same calculation as that 1 to 1.5 hours number when you upgrade. Why it shows a different number I’m not sure. I have a feeling, though. Check the site again, now that it’s had a chance to stabilize. It may have automatically adjusted itself down to the correct timing.

Alternatively, right-click on the feed title and Insta-fetch Stories. That will force a recalculation. Let me know if that fixes it. Also, what’s the url for the feed when you open it. I’d like to see which feed is doing this.

Tried Insta-Fetch, Remove/Re-add and waiting afterwards, the refresh intervall stays at approx 1h10 minutes. The feed is [1] but it’s basically for all feeds on this domain


It’s still only updating once per hour

Even after insta-fetch, remove/re-add and waiting one week the refresh interval is 1 hour. The 10-20 minutes that are advertised to free users is quite simply true at the moment, in fact there’s no difference between free and premium users when it comes to refresh times.

Ok, it looks like it was counting incorrectly. It mistakenly was adding an active premium user but not subtracting an active free user to compensate. So it thought the feed had 2 users, one premium and one active. This has now been fixed and will be deployed shortly.

Hi Samuel

Thanks for looking into this and fixing it (and apologies for the long delay). Was this ever deployed? I still can see a refresh interval of just above one hour…

cheers, Urs