Shortcut for "Mark as unread & Next item".

I like the new feature of not automatically marking stories as read and thus I activated manual marking using ‘u’ key. However, I would like to have a single shortcut for marking a story as read and move to the following one. Currently, I have to press ‘u’ to mark it as read and then ‘j’ to move to the next item.


Great idea!

I would also suggest a “Mark as unread & Previous item”, since I like to read my stories oldest first (i.e. from the bottom and up).

Use the ‘m’ key for this. I built the “Next Unread” command to work backwards if it is at the bottom.

So this would be easy to build, but what keyboard shortcut should it get? In other words, what keyboard shortcut(s) are you already familiar with for doing this?

I don’t really care, you decide. I’m using only Newsblur, so I’m not familiar with any shortcuts :slight_smile:

I must have been a bit confused by the topic. What I meant was “Mark as read & Previous Item”.

Anybody else got an idea for the shortcut? I figure somebody has to have used this combo before, and I hate breaking convention on something like this.

You should just pick a shortcut of your choice. NewsBlur can also set new conventions from time to time :wink:

“X” would be a good idea. I don’t think Newsblur is using it for anything else atm. X for me signifies pretty much ‘delete and go on’, or if you’d rather ‘mark as read and move to the next unread bit’ (or previous, depending on chosen setting).

Doubt that’s a real convention, but it kinda makes sense in my head. Maybe cause I was just so used to Brief’s “X” button.

Ooh, I really like that! Then I could actually flip the switch on not automatically marking as read because I’d still be able to browse with one key (which is why I haven’t flipped it already) AND not mark everything automatically.

I can see that being potentially annoying on occasions. It would prohibit using the n shortcut as just a skimming-through tool. Different buttons for “next” and “mark unread + next” would allow for different behaviours and user habits imo.

How about N gets new behavior by default and Shift-N keeps the old style?

That’s not a bad idea actually, even though I’m always fond of single button shortcuts. But it’d make sense and be easy to remember.

Yes, I agree! It won’t affect those who have not changed the behaviour of marking items as read automatically.

Is this on the list?

Yeah, I would still really like this, as well. I’d like to be able to keep things as unread until I move on from them vs marking immediately (or after a >=1sec wait, which can be equally annoying).

If you want to keep something unread, just hit ‘u’ before you hit ‘n’. I’ve done that flow a few times and it works well.

I always try the u-then-n trick, but that doesn’t let me hit N to get to the next feed via keyboard if I have an unread post in a feed. I’ll get trapped in a u-n-u-n loop until I mouse-click into the next feed. :-/

I would like to see the N key being implemented as “Mark as read and move to next” myself.

What’s about over-riding ‘n’. It already goes to the next story. I think it should also mark the current story as read, no?