Shift - J keyboard shortcut doesn't work

Hi, I’ve just noticed the “lots of new keyboard shortcuts” feature, and hit ? to have a look. The keyboard shortcuts page says Shift+J will move to the next feed with unread items. It doesn’t seem to work. I’ve nuked the cache and still no joy.

This is in Chrome btw.


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Update: tested in Windows Safari too and it still doesn’t work.

Could you please double check what shift + J is suposed to do?

Whenever I hit ? it tells me shift + J is equal to shift + ↓. And should bring me to the next site. And this is what it does for me.

I checked the source code on GitHub and that is no different: shift + J brings you to the next site.

OK, slight error in my original post - Shift J isn’t “next feed with unread” it’s literally “next feed”. It still does not work in my browser.

A couple of other observations:

If I slide the importance slider to yellow, the first time I press shift J is get the first feed in my list. Subsequent presses don’t do anything. I can also lock the browser up pretty quickly by repeat pressing it.

If the slider is on green, it never does anything, but I can’t lock the browser.

Ah ha! It’s to do with having feeds in groups, and having groups collapsed.

All my feeds are in groups, bar one. That single feed is a “yellow” feed.

If I slide the slider to yellow, and expand my first group of feeds, Shift+J will cheerfully toggle between all three feeds.

If I collapse the group and try again, I can hang the browser.

In green mode, I have no stand alone feeds, so shift+J does nothing.

Also, it’s not like it _appears_ to do nothing (in that I can’t see it changing feeds because they’re collapsed and not visible) because the list of visible articles doesn’t change.

I’d like SHIFT+J to skip between collapsed groups, if that’s possible, but maybe that’s an unreasonable expectation. At least we now know what’s going on.