shift+a should work the same in All Site Stories as it does in Feed and Folder views

When I press shift+a to mark articles as read in the Feed and Folder views, it marks them all as read, which is exactly what I want.

When I press shift+a in All Site Stories, a dialog pops up asking me how far back I want to mark items as read. In order to clear this dialog, I have to either mouse to the button, or hit the enter key. Wasn’t shift+a chosen to provide an easy, single-handed command? Mousing, moving my left hand to enter, or moving my right hand from the mouse to enter seems like it defeats the purpose of a keyboard shortcut.

Could the keyboard shortcut be made to do the same thing in all views? If users want the dialog box for a partial mark-as-read, could that be triggered by a drop-down from a mark-as-read button above the feed (which seems to be missing in All Site Stories, but present in Feed or Folder).


Nope, as designed. If you want to mark *everything* as read, use shift+a then command+enter. It’s another keyboard shortcut, but you are doing a pretty destructive action.

It has the potential to be pretty destructive, yes, but it isn’t for everybody. I use NewsBlur throughout the day, so I am normally marking a small number of articles as read.

Could the dialog box be triggered after the number of articles reaches a certain threshold?

Or, could it be a preference that defaults to showing the dialog, but I can set to off, taking the responsibility for any destruction? :slight_smile: