Sharing to Google+

Its not obvious how to share with Google+. Help! I just got a premium membership, but If I can’t share, newsblur won’t work for me.


While I am able to enable a Google+ button via the Preferences, once I’ve pressed the G+ button it does not provide the normal share dialogue to enter in comments nor does it +1 the article.

This is one of the main functions that I would like to be able to use.

It’s pretty clearly not working. I get the icon, but as you suggest, the dialog does not appear.

I’ve set the preferences and the icon shows up when I hover over email, but it never completes.

Yes I am observing the same issue. When I +1 a story it attempts to load the page. The page briefly flashes the google +1 fields and forms but then just disappears into the white background. Does not work on Firefox or Google Chrome on a Desktop Mac or PC. It does work on the Android app.

As of today, this issue has been fixed! Yes!

Much thanks for fixing this Samuel and keep up the great work!

Yep, I posted in the other G+ thread, but yes I fixed this last week thanks to one user’s immense help in locating the new sharing URL.