Sharing on G+ not working

Just tried to share a story on G+,
new tab opened, displayed briefly ( 1s ) the standard form to add some comment, select circles, etc…
form disappeared => page blank with this url :…

Doesn’t seem story related, checked my G+, story does not appear.

Using chromium : Version 21.0.1180.89 Debian wheezy/sid (154005)
Disabled adblock for testing.

Thanks for reading.


I’m sorry, but after checking around it looks like they purposefully disabled that form. Looks like the only way they want you to be able to share directly is with their +1 button, which is not something I want to add to NewsBlur.

If you find a URL form that I can use, I’d love to get it working.

not a good solution.

Then G+ option should be removed from the sharing setting page, it is confusing. Not to mention that the icon doesn’t show (at least in my browser)