Sharing on Facebook isn't working.

I don’t seem to be able to share stories on Facebook anymore. I was able to at some point, but not now. Twitter seems to work fine.

I just tried removing the connection on both NewsBlur and Facebook, then reconnecting, but that didn’t seem to fix it.

Any suggestions? My friends newsfeeds must be sad without my witty commentary on news stories.

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Hmm, I greatly improved Facebook sharing about 3 weeks ago. But you have to re-authenticate Facebook every 2 months or so, and I haven’t built that re-authentication flow yet. But you just disconnected and reconnected it, so it should be working.

I also don’t see any exceptions in my task servers. Also, know that there is a 60 second delay between writing a share and having it posted to facebook, so you can correct typos. So check once more.

Alright, I did see a test share that I just tried. I think I know why I hadn’t been seeing shares before, though, assuming the FB connection was working.

Rather than showing up on my main profile page like it would if I shared the link on FB, they put it in the “Activity” box, without my actual comments.

Is this the only way to get stuff on FB?

Yeah, they stuck it there because they aggregated it into that box. It’s because not enough people are “liking” the newsblur action. It’s just how Open Graph API works. No way around it, other than to somehow promote it on your own timeline. In fact, I think that’s how timeline works. It’s no longer everything - just what the algorithm surfaces.

I get absolutely nothing when I try to share via the Newsblur send to Facebook. It opens to Facebook, but I get a blank page with just a cancel button. This has always happened with Newsblur.

Confirmed, it’s working. Got the image wrong, but it did appear in the Activities box.

Try reconnecting to Facebook. I fixed sharing yesterday, but Facebook doesn’t always play nice. I just tested it and it worked great.

I reconnected, tested two links shared – nothing. Not on my profile, not in my timeline, not in my activity box. The app says it was posted (so, I did at least get further in that regard this time), but I cannot find the posts anywhere…

Just checked the status of the app in settings > apps > Newsblur on Facebook – Says I posted today, but still nothing apparent. I’ve used other reader apps and not had this trouble. Not to sound like an ass because I love Newsblur; it allowed me to “quit” Google reader and that company’s data mining. But I am not understanding the struggle with Facebook since so many other apps post so easily. Reeder, Flipboard, Sunstroke…

Anyway, still not working for me unless I am totally blind.

OK, third time worked. It does show in the activity box… Blurblog? Ok, this is entirely new to me. I want these posts to be easily found, obvious. Activity box? Hmm… I don’t know. Does this show up on my friends’ feed?

Thanks, btw, for the quick responses.

I’ve found myself in the same situation - FB sharing had worked and now isn’t. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting. No luck.

I am unable to share to facebook as well… hasn’t worked in several days!
tried disconnecting on both sides, and unable to reconnect, and add newsblur app to facebook now!!! please help!

Dan, reconnecting should work fine. Facebook hasn’t given any indication that stories aren’t being posted. Just make sure the stories aren’t being hidden from your timeline.

thank you… i got it to work again after remembering how to reconnect…