Sharing Articles - preview or full text is shared inconsistently

Newsblur iOS v8.1

My specific case involves sharing with Evernote.

When an article is shared to Evernote via the “Share Icon” the resulting note is sometimes the article summary/preview and sometimes it is the articles full text. On the iOS app I always have the full text view when sharing the article but the resulting note in Evernote does not always reflect this.

It seems random and inconsistent as I can share the same article several times and each note in Evernote may have either the full text (what I want) or the summary/preview text (which I don’t want).

Furthermore, if an article is in full text view and the saved note in Evernote shows a preview then if I select “Story” and then reselect “Text” on the iOS app and then reshare the article with Evernote then the resulting note will always be the full text.

Any help to understand whats going on would be most welcome