Sharing anything from the web

I love the new social branch on newsblur, but the one thing that I miss is being able to do is share arbitrary items from the web, rather than only being able to re-share posts that are already in the newsblur system.

I hate saying “make it similar to google reader,” but I think they did a nice job with their sharing bookmarklet. Say you’re on a page that you want to share on newsblur, so you hit the “share” bookmarklet. A box opens with a preview of what you’ll share, and you have the option of highlighting the part of the page to only share that content.

It seems like this would be of varying difficulty from page to page. Some things would already be rss items (e.g., a post on a blog), so that might be easy to integrate into newsblur. Some items are just images, though (e.g.,, and it is unclear how that would get attached to my blurblog feed.

This is a hugely important feature for me. Ever since google reader shut down last October, I’ve kept a document of links that I want to share. Since newsblur launched social, I’ve shared things from within the site, but have continued to add items to my list since I sometimes find content from things that aren’t rss feeds.

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This is a great idea. I sometimes stumble across individual things I’d like to share from a site, but don’t want to receive everything that site puts out via RSS.



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Looking forward to it !

Hey mike - you know this got built and deployed already! If you go to settings>goodies you can get the bookmarklet that lets you share items from the web. Enjoy!

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Cool ! Thanks mgeraci !
Nice job Samuel Clay :wink:

Doh, yup, this is built. Going to blog it soon.

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This is an extremely powerful idea and I can tell you without hesitation that this will be a huge feature that I’m going to be building this Summer.