Sharing a youtube page from the bookmarklet should embed the video

Currently, the contents of the shared item are the description, and you have to click through to the video.


Ditto for Vimeo.

There’s a bookmarklet for sharing things? Where?!

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Hit the gear icon, the click on goodies. It’s awesome.


It’s not yet “released”, as I’m ironing out the kinks – really, just the speed at which it finds the feed. But you can start to use it, and it has all the functionality of the old bookmarklet, which allows you to subscribe to the site.

You can actually edit the contents of your shared story (and the title, too). I’ll get around to getting YouTube/Vimeo to auto embed the video. It’s a bit of work and I’m not sure if it’s worth the time investment. Do that many people want to just embed videos on their blurblogs?

The editing functionality is awesome, thanks for building that in.

As far as embedding videos goes, it may be more common than you think. A friend of mine shares almost exclusively jazz and calypso cuts that are only on youtube. Vimeo has a habit of hosting videos that are artistic and beautiful that I’d want to share. But by all means see if other people talk about it before you spend any time on it!

OK, who am I to deny a great feature that only took 30 minutes. Shipped and deployed. Here’s the commit:…

Works on Vimeo and YouTube. Let me know if it doesn’t.

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It works! But I just tried it and it embedded the video twice (top item on

Top is Flash, bottom is HTML5. You can edit it before it gets posted, but yeah, it’s adding in the video to the top of the story, regardless of the content.

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I am having problems when trying to share youtube videos. This is on FF15 on OSX 10.7.4 Seems to have the same issue on Windows7 with FF15.

Edit: I am also using the HTML5 player, not sure if flash has the same problem?