Share/Save buttons hard to read

The 3 buttons, “Train this story, Save this story, Share this story” are pretty hard to read with their white text on light grey background. I thought it was just on my modestly-priced laptop, but I checked it out on 4 different monitors between work and home, and it’s the same problem everywhere.
Can we do something to make it more readable? Maybe make the white font dark grey to match the color of the icons?

Other than that, I really like the new design. Great work!


I came here to post this but found your post. I can’t believe this post is two years old and it hasn’t been fixed yet. They are really hard to see and it should be a simple fix.

Here is an example from my W/8 desktop …

The hover behavior darkens the background of the buttons and makes the white text of the hovered item visible.  It’s an ugliness that I no longer even see.  My monkey brain has learned that the middle button is “Save”, even though I can’t read it.  Thanks for pointing it out.

That’s how it looks for me as well. The text is impossible to read without hovering over it.

So everybody knows, this is completley intentional. You have to see those buttons on every single story, and after a while you know what they do by position alone (with the help of the icon). The text is just to confirm what’s about to happen.

I’d rather have it collapse to just the icons then, if that’s the case.

It’s a poor design in my opinion. It serves no purpose to have the text there but unreadable.

How about making it an option to show the text in darker color? If this is intentional, to make the buttons seem invisible, then why have the darker square box, or the darker icon?

I agree too… having a “empty space” beside the icon made the eye/brain trying to look at the white font and made it annoying when the eye can’t decipher the words.

For anyone with impaired vision or just display preferences, you can add this Custom CSS through the Options->Account menu:

/* make button text readable */
.NB-sideoption .NB-sideoption-title {
  color: #909090;

It makes the label text the same color as the icon

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This CSS works! Thanks a lot!