Share posts in Diaspora

Would be great if we can share post in Diaspora!


I thought it was decentralized. Does that mean I’d have to support an arbitrary endpoint based on the user’s preference?

Everything you need is the username that is in the form username@domain.

Samuel, you might be better off enabling a way for the user to add sites instead of adding each one piecemeal. I know Greader and some others bake a couple in, but then they provide a way to add additional. Might save you some grief long term.

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Could this work similar to Google Reader’s custom “Send to” format?…

NewsBlur already has the best social options of all other Readers, but yes some sort of “send to __ site” option would make it even better.

I responded to Alex in another thread, but to reiterate, I’m going to come back to this after I ship the social branch. I’d love to support this (obviously), it’s just a healthy amount of work to get right. It’s pretty easy to add new services manually right now.

Also, I’m not yet convinced to add Diaspora. I have not yet once seen a single link to Diaspora in the wild. Do people actually use it yet?

Well, I’ve been using Diaspora and I see more and more people posting and creating accounts. knows 298 thousand people. Check it in (click in the letter).

Diaspora users concerns about their privacy. NewsBlur might be their best alternative for Google Reader and other feed readers. I think NewsBlur and Diaspora can grow together, since there is no tool to share news to Diaspora.