Share on NewsBlur is not working.

When I hit the Bookmarklet a new window opens but when I then hit the green button nothing happens. I am using the latest version of Chrome.

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Do you have any text on the page highlighted? I find the bookmarklet sometimes doesn’t like to share when I have text selected (which is supposed to excerpt the text into the share) or if I start a comment with a symbol (notably !) but this is not consistent and I haven’t spent the time yet to come up with repeatable steps.

No, I had no text highlighted nor did I try and post a comment of any kind.

Because the share bookmarklet is in a hostile environment (a third party site), it’s going to be bombarded by competing javascript, so it’s highly likely that the site is preventing the bookmarklet from working.

In fact, highlighting text is one way to help get it working, since it doesn’t have to try and find the article on the page (which can fail).

Is there a manual option for adding a single item to my blurblog that doesn’t utilize the bookmarklet? I am willing to use a workaround if one exists for sites with javascript that overwhelms the bookmarklet.