Share link from within a post

It would be great to be able to share links from within posts within the Android app. For instance, I get my newsletters sent into Newsblur and read them there. Often, there’s a single link I want to revisit later. I’d love to be able to hold the link until a share menu appears, sort of like the way links work in Chrome.


You just want the share menu when you long press on a link? I’m surprised you don’t already get that. Right now what i assume you have to do is tap the link and then use the share menu from the browser? That doesn’t seem optional but it does work with little fuss.

The inline browser provided by most Android versions is indeed pretty basic.  Any features like long-presses have to be added and supported by us.  If you’re on a fully supported 7.0+ device, you should be able to tap the article title and it will quick-open in the app using the full Chrome tab engine, which has all the bells and whistles.

I can spend five minutes before the next version comes out seeing just how awful it would be to add a long-press menu to links. (it wasn’t all bad for images)

Here’s the ticket:

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Yes! The share menu on long press within the app.