Share Bookmarklet does not work on medium

Tried to share using the bookmarklet from this link in both Chrome & Safari:…

The bookmarklet appears to load the story correctly, but when I click share, it tells me “Sorry, but there was an error trying to share this story.”

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This came up in a couple other threads and now I’m wondering if there is some way to talk to Medium. See, they are explicitly banning all cross origin requests. I don’t know how to force my bookmarklet to successfully POST your share back to NewsBlur. It’s a whole story, so I can’t use a GET request, which is what got the NewsBlur dialog box to load in the first place.


This is part of a bigger security issue. Facing the same thing with WP’s “Press This” bookmarklet. See…

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It turns out that there are now “disable content security policy” plugins that you can install for chrome that get around this issue on some sites.…

Doesn’t help with medium though.