Several feeds not showing up in Android app

Missing all sorts of entire feeds on my android app since the recent 9.0 update. However, they all appear on iOS, and Chrome browser. Not sure why. Thanks!

Thanks for the report. Investigating now

@nacholibre do you have any specific examples of missing feeds? Or any settings on those specific feeds?

Also, are the missing feeds supposed to be in a folder or at the top level?

Missing feeds are at top level. Just checked and as of now currently have 171 feeds coming in on my laptop using Chrome browser and only 64 feeds showing up on my Android app. Not matching up.

Could you confirm that you’re on the “all” filter?

I’m wondering if perhaps the default was unintentionally shifted so any feeds marked as read aren’t showing up.

Just clicked “all” filter on both app and Chrome browser on laptop. Not matching up whatsoever.

Alright, thank you for checking that.