Setting up NewsBlur on Docker


I’ve been trying to get NewsBlur set up as a self-hosted Dockerised service at home although it’s been far from successful so far and I was wondering if anyone with experience in self hosting NewsBlur can point me in the right direction…

What I’ve done so far

  1. Clone the repo off Github
  2. Run docker-compose up inside the /NewsBlur directory

Based on the output from the CLI, all the requisite containers start up just fine (e.g. Mongo, Postgres, ES)

Where it goes wrong

  1. I can’t create an account/register.

    DNS Response errors

    When I try to register an account, it presumably tries to send a registration confirmation email. I get the following error message when trying to create a dummy account

    Username: dummy
    Email: dummy example com

    The error reported is:
    NoAnswer at /reader/signup
    The DNS response does not contain an answer to the question: IN MX

    Is there anyway to set this up without needing emails being sent out etc?

    Database Error
    Other times, when I try to sign up, I get another error altogether.