Setting site read by double click counts not working

Double clicking on an unread count is not marking the site as read. The unread indicators next to the visible stories clear, but the count does not change and clicking on the site again or to another site and back to the first shows no articles have been marked as unread. I was able to replicate the problem both in Firefox 27.0.1 and in IE10.

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Figured it out. Turns out yesterdays DB maintenance caused a bunch of app servers to go into an in-between state where they kept failing. Fixed it but I need to investigate how to prevent it from happening again.

Thanks Samuel. I can confirm that it’s working normaly this morning. I’ll cross my fingers for you to find a root cause.

Interesting. I am seeing the behavior again. It worked for a while. I can also confirm that manually selecting each article one by one _does_ mark the items as read but attempting to mark all items read by double clicking is not working, (or working only sporadically I suppose).


And now it’s working again. hmmm