Set feed name at creation

It would be extremely useful if I could set a feed name during the process of adding a feed. I frequently add feeds from GitHub or similar; these feeds frequently have a painfully long time. Instead of the feed being added with [uncontrollable 60-character feed title], it would be very useful to be able to override the feed’s title at time of creation / import, saving me the hassle of tracking down feeds after they’re added and renaming each.


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This has come up a few times. and

I’m going to go with my more recent response:

“I hear the need, but this is why a feed is selected when it is added. So you then don’t have to find it, you can just rename it then. This is such a rare occurrence that I’m not willing to add the complication to the UI for it. Besides, how will you know how the feed title looks in place without seeing it in place?”