Sessionid cookie not persisting between tabs or windows

Recently, I had to delete all of my cookies on my Chrome browser for mac, and I am having this issue with the Newsblur login where the login cookie doesn’t persist between tabs or new windows. Therefore, I am continually having to relog into the app.

Is anyone having this issue? I don’t have a problem with any other website persisting the sessionid cookie, including, which works great.


After spending over 2 hours trying to figure out my problem, I fixed it not 5 minutes after I posted this question. It turns out that when I used my browser link that brought me to the cookie didn’t work. If I just used, it worked great. So that is the answer, just in case anyone catches this issue again.

Well I would not have thought of that. Do you know how the cookie might only apply to a sub-path? Did you set it manually or not through a normal web login?

Thanks for replying Samuel, and thank you so much for Newsblur as I’ve been subscribed to it since Google Reader was shut down now 9 years ago.

I do a little full-stack development myself, so I tried to track down as much as this as I could for you.

It looks like the cookie being set requires to have a “/” character at the end of the URI. I just tested this myself and when I link to NewsBlur (without the trailing slash), the session cookie doesn’t recognize, and when I put the slash at the end, it works fine.
Check out this stackoverflow article: http - Set-Cookie: Wildcard "Path" - Stack Overflow

What I don’t really get is how it has worked for all of these years without me needing the trailing slash. I can’t answer that one. In the end though, if I just use the regular domain as my bookmark, there won’t be a problem. It’s just a strange edge case that clearly I seemed to be the only one who found it.