Server Installation

Hi there,

as mentioned here, I would like to use the Newsblur Premium features but can buy a membership because the only accepted payment method is via credit card.

Not getting any response, I tried to set up my own Ubuntu 16.04 server and worked through the readme.
However, I’m stuck at

fab -R local setup_imaging


***> No role definitions found in /srv/secrets-newsblur/configs/hosts.yml. Using default roles.
—> You need to fix django’s settings. Enter python and type import settings.

Here, it is recommended to “find a ‘newsblur secrets skeleton’ and place that in /srv/secrets-newsblur”. But I’m unabled to find one anywhere.

Also, I just used the commands given for Mac OS X, since they are not specified for ubuntu. Which also gives me the following error:

Fatal error: The following specified roles do not exist:

There’s a lot of information missing.
Here, someone linked a step-by-step tutorial. But unfortuanetly it seems to be down by now.

So, can any oen help me with this?

Thanks and have a nice day!

No one? :disappointed_relieved:


Here’s the skeleton you can use:

If it doesn’t work then I’m going to have to build a virtual image and fix it or finally convert to docker.

Dear samuelclay,

The repository had no update for 5 years. Since the repository use an old version of NewsBlur but use a config file that dynamically load modules of newest version, conflicts occurs.

I had a try but failed. I’m so tied fixing version problems using fab that I nearly give up and nearly turn to ttrss. It’s time for us to use docker… Can you compose basic containers of NewsBlur to save us and save the world?

Very thanks~

I’m actually planning to hire a web developer in the next month so I think their first task will be to dockerize the installation. There is a dockerfile but I haven’t tested it. It is getting updated regularly though so start there. And if it goes well (or not) I’d love to know so please share an update here.