Server Installation


Hi there,

as mentioned here, I would like to use the Newsblur Premium features but can buy a membership because the only accepted payment method is via credit card.

Not getting any response, I tried to set up my own Ubuntu 16.04 server and worked through the readme.
However, I’m stuck at

fab -R local setup_imaging


***> No role definitions found in /srv/secrets-newsblur/configs/hosts.yml. Using default roles.
—> You need to fix django’s settings. Enter python and type import settings.

Here, it is recommended to “find a ‘newsblur secrets skeleton’ and place that in /srv/secrets-newsblur”. But I’m unabled to find one anywhere.

Also, I just used the commands given for Mac OS X, since they are not specified for ubuntu. Which also gives me the following error:

Fatal error: The following specified roles do not exist:

There’s a lot of information missing.
Here, someone linked a step-by-step tutorial. But unfortuanetly it seems to be down by now.

So, can any oen help me with this?

Thanks and have a nice day!


No one? :disappointed_relieved:




Here’s the skeleton you can use:

If it doesn’t work then I’m going to have to build a virtual image and fix it or finally convert to docker.