Server instability

I have noticed lately that the servers seem to be a little un-stable. Been getting off-line message on my phone or even an down message on the website.

Also have noticed that when I login and I try and scroll through my un-read feeds it’s sluggish at times.

Is there a database problem or what is goind on?


It’s the past couple hours and it’s due to a user taking the server down with too many requests. I’ve banned the user and things have now stabilized.

Okay, Now I have to ask so I don’t accidently make the same mistake. What is considered to be a reasonable number of requests?

Is there a way for a user to limit the number of requests?

@Snorlax, you’re fine. I saw you on the leaderboard of users but the threshold is above your usage. Otherwise, I handle them each individually, emailing users when they need to cool it.

As for the instabtility, it just happened again because another user’s archive status switched (we’re at a year since launching premium archive, so a lot of renewals are happening now). I took steps to mitigate it and will continue to watch the servers. The good news is that this instability helped me remove a couple users who were basically forcing the servers to take double the amount of time to return requests, so the site should feel 2x snappier today.

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