Send to Reading List not working in iOS apps.

In the app’s browser reader I tap to add to Reading List and nothing happens. It never shows up.

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Well that’s odd. It definitely should be working and has on many other devices. Are you running anything out of the ordinary? Are you running the latest iOS app? This problem was present in a build from 6 months ago, but was fixed 5 months ago.

Nope. Just double-checked and everything has been updated. Doesn’t work on either my iPhone or iPad.

add to Reading List does not do a thing for me too. All software up to date.

This used to work for me but since the v5 update is no longer working. I get the checkmark both when using “send to” as well as when opening the article in the web view, then tapping the share icon top right.

It works when I open in Safari, hit share and add to reading list from the same standard share sheet.

Same issue as Pascal. I get the “Saved” checkmark, but nothing gets saved.

This has also been broken for me in the last six months or so. :frowning:

Sharing has been misbehaving for me for a while too. Think I’ve got a fix and it works for me but it needs some more testing.  Stay tuned…

Is this working for anyone now? I did overhaul action handling and that’s now in the latest released version of NewsBlur.  When I just tested it, it works for me in the simulator but it doesn’t work on my physical iPhone.  In fact, trying to add to the Reading List from anywhere else but Safari doesn’t work — e.g., I tried Tweetbot, Mail, etc. — so I think this is an iOS bug and nothing NewsBlur can do anything about.

I don’t actually *use* Reading List so I never notice in practice.

Just tried it.  Still not working.