Send-to-NewsBlur browser plugin

it would be great if I can “save-for-later” any website, which will then appear as a NewsBlur feed.

Integration with products like Pocket ( would probably be the best option.



That’s exactly what the bookmarklet is for. Click the gear icon for NewsBlur preferences, click the “Goodies & Extras” item, first thing there is bookmarklet. Drag it to bookmarks bar, right-click-and-bookmark, etc.

The bookmarklet is really great but sometimes I don’t want to subscribe or share a website - just a specific article (save if for later).
This is what Pocket is for (and you can also use Evernote etc.)

I’d very much like this as well. This means I don’t have to close down 20 tabs each session, because i need to read them next time.

Why don’t you ask Pocket to add an RSS feed feature instead, that would solve the issue.

Pocket actually already provides this functionality:…

But we use NewsBlur and we don’t use Pocket :slight_smile:

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Exactly. I don’t want to start using new services. I want to keep everything in one place.

Hmm, so you want the bookmarklet to allow Sharing or Saving? I think that can be done quite easily, but I’m going to have to punt on this for a few weeks while I try to ship the big iOS update.

Saving. It would be something like the saved stories section, but instead it would be saved links. Since the links we would like to save doesn’t necessarily have RSS attached to them.

Any way this could still be a thing? :slight_smile:

I totally forgot about this thread. This is something I’d still like to see. It would basically expand NewsBlur with the functionality of a glorified bookmark manager.

On chrome there’s a plugin called session buddy that records you session tabs to restore later

I know this is an extremely old thread, but if this a possibility to do Samuel I’m sure some of us would still love it!

if you are on iOS try:
http://addmyfeed.cubesoft.frit works really well

if you are on mac:

the problem i have with the bookmarklet is that it only grabs the main part of the url. i guess on newsblur’s side it tries to find a feed url from that domain. a lot of the times it doesn’t work.
i’ve started using this workflow with Alfred and it does the job much better than the bookmarklet.

I think thats more for adding feeds - this would be for putting URLs directly into the “Saved Stories” section, bypassing a feed entirely