send to instapaper problem

Is there a problem with the send to instapaper feature ? I’m unable to authenticate from within the iphone or ipad apps. Going to the website directly works fine.


I’m also having this problem. I am from Germany… so I have a german keyboard layout on my iPhone (should work nevertheless, but who knows…).
I also have some special characters in my password.
Do you need more information?

When I try and sent to Instapaper from the iOS app I get a popup asking for my logon credentials. When I enter them incorrectly I get an error message as expected. When I enter them correctly I get no error message and the box disappears. However, the article does not show up in my instapaper queue and if I try to send that article, or any other article to instapaper again I am prompted to enter my log-on credentials again.

Looks like it’s special characters in your Instapaper password.

I hope this will get fixed. Changing my Instapaper password would be some amount of work - because I would have to change it in a lot of apps.

I also have this problem. I guess I’ll change my password, but I like being able to have complex random passwords for every service.

I’m afraid I’m affected by this problem, too. - Having to change my instapaper password isn’t really an option - especially when I can’t be sure what “special” character causes the trouble.

My instapaper password does’t contain any diacriticals or umlauts.

Just use alphanumeric characters and skip the punctuation. I haven’t tested to see exactly what the character is, as I think it’s just one.

If it is just one, it should to be ‘#’

Ok, changing the password solved the issue. However, sending an item to instapaper takes an enormous amount of taps. 5 taps!
Please add an easier way for this!

I’m using alphanumeric characters only, but still getting the error saying that the login failed

Is there a plan to fix this issue? I’m not changing my password to Instapaper to something less secure, but I would like to be able to save articles on my phone.

FWIW, I saw a similar issue with send-to-Instapaper, but it turned out to be because of a “+” in my email address / login.