Send all Twitter "@user this is a reply!" to a folder


Here are some Twitter ideas I was hoping to bounce around:

  1. “Import” twitter following list as a folder. We can add individuals but since the app has the required permission to one’s twitter account, it would be great if it could just go fetch the “following” list and add everyone to a folder; to avoid problems with an existing folder, the import process can ask for a folder name to put the new “following” stuff into.

  2. A folder for actual tweets and retweets by users.

  3. A folder for replies from the ppl you’re following. Ideally, this should also include the tweet(s) to which they are replying because a reply tweet may not make sense without the item to which they’r replying.

  4. Let’s say I have a Feed and a Split view for tweets.
    I see the tweet in both places - in the feed and in the Stories. Also, even just within the Stories, I’m seeing the tweet as the “post” title and then the tweet again as the “post” content. Example image attached. Loads of repetition here…