Selecting items 14 days old "14D" to mark them read, marks all items read

When I select “+” to expand the pull-left menu, giving me “14D 7D 3D 1D” and a checkmark, and I select “14D”, all items are marked as read.

This has happened before, but I wasn’t sure that I hadn’t accidentally selected the checkmark. This time I was careful to select only “14D”.

Is there a way to mark items as unread?

I am using Firefox 48.0 on an updated Arch Linux 4.7.1-1-ARCH system with quite a few plugins. Until I find a was of marking items as unread, I can’t try Firefox in safe mode.

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You can mark stories as unread, but I’m not sure why the 14D option marked stories between 2-4 weeks as read. I assume you have a premium account, as free accounts only have 2 weeks of unreads to begin with.

I have the same problem when I select 1d, I am very careful to click it and yet, it marks everything as read