Select Folder + Mark Read Button = Not Working

If I have a folder selected, and I click the Mark as Read button (now at the bottom of the screen), the stories don’t get marked as read. I get “faked out” when it looks like the stories are marked, but in reality they’re not. I use this feature a LOT to mark a folder (and sometimes included sub-folders) as read.

I’m using Firefox 23.0.1 on Windows 7 x64. Not sure if this issue comes up in other browsers.


Just tried it and it works fine. Hmm.

Looks like it didn’t work in some cases. Fixed! Thanks for letting me know. Make sure to reload the website.

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I noticed a similar change this evening: Why did the Folder Name (ie, where a right click allows me to mark the entire folder as read) move to the bottom of the column. Did I make this change somehow or has NewsBlur changed where this is displayed for all users?


Put it back to where it was. It’s in a stupid place.

If you use the Stylish extension (Firefox/Chrome) the following is a little script I updated this morning to move the bar back to the top of the window:

 @namespace url(; 
 @-moz-document domain("") { 

 div.NB-feedbar-mark-feed-read-container { float: left !important; } 

 div.NB-story-titles-header { 
top: 0 !important; 
bottom: auto !important; 

It also moves the mark all read button to the left, which works better for me.

Excellent! And I see you moved the button to the top of the screen, which makes more sense.