Searching Feeds

How do I search within my news feeds? For example… I have many RSS feeds. I want NewsBlur to show all the posts that have a particular word. Is this feature available? If not, how soon are we going to get it?

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There are two halves to the search feature I’m building: saved stories, then feeds. I plan to build saved story search a whole lot sooner than feed search. It’s a lot of work and there’s more pressing features that I want to build.

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Great Samuel, did you know when search will be available?

My suggestion is NewsBlur to have an idea box like Ubuntu have at using , where the users can suggest and vote for new features.


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Search is high on my wishlist - That said, a “saved story search” function would fully satisfy me.

For me just a simple search box will help.

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I am a brand new paid user, and I am dearly missing Greader’s search. I recognize it’s resource-intensive, but it’s also darned useful.

Please, I need a feed search feature.

Samuel: Thanks for the wonderful app. It works very well …

The major feature I miss, is Searching my feeds. I know search is very hard to implement (but considering what you have done here, it should be easier for you).

I agree with John. It would be the kickass feature

Hey rampras, this just launched today. Enjoy!

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Woo ! Awesome …

Is it possible to search a folder (So, I have a folder called Blogs/Deals … would like to search all the feeds under it)

Not yet, see the blog post for details.

Yeah for search! Nice job. Thanks.

Samuel - Let me begin by thanking you for a truly OUTSTANDING job of
scaling this application to meet the demands placed on you. I’m
impressed with both your technical ability to do so much so quickly and
your seeming lack of needing any sleep:). However, I need to question
your priority as far as search goes. Saved story search, at least from
my usage, would be pretty useless.

Feed search is almost a complete necessity, however. Every other RSS app
I tested before settling on NewsBlur had it. I miss it on a daily basis.
I always remember having read “something” that I wanted to reference,
but can’t remember where:( and end up having to do a google search to
try to locate it - sometimes successfully.

As a premium user for only a month or so now, I don’t know for sure
whether or not this will be a deal breaker long term, or not. I would
really like this implemented before any other functionality updates (not
including security, speed, reliability, etc…)

Thanks for listening,