Search Newsblur using a URL

Now that NewsBlur has full text search, I’d love to add an Alfred or Chrome shortcut for searching NewsBlur using a URL. Something like “

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Sure, this would be easy, but what exactly for?

I’m a shortcut fiend in Chrome – being able to type “nb ipad” in the omnibar and get everything from my feeds that mentions the ipad is a handy timesaver.


I have different topics that I want to follow. Search using a URL would be useful to “save searches” as bookmarks or to save in

What would you be saving? I don’t understand what you would enter in and what you would get out of it.

A fulltext search of all of my feeds for “Linux”, the URL would be something like

And a search for “Newsblur”

Then I can bookmark this URL:s and have a simple “save search”

Ahh, you just want searches to change the URL?


Done, this is now launched. Thanks for the suggestion!

Nice addition :slight_smile: … I think It would be cool and useful to additionally be able to save the searches under a new section ‘Saved Searches’ or under the existing ‘Saved Stories’ section, instead of only being able to save the URL externally on your browser. Not a necessity, but it would definitely make the experience feel more native to Newsblur.

That’s the bigger goal, but that’s a lot more work. This is just the pre-cursor to a fully fledged saved searches feature. It’ll come soon enough I bet.