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First of all - Congrats! The search function is more than useful :wink:

I want to start a discussion about something Samuel blogged at…

Since this was one of the most requested features since day one, I’m now looking to decide on the next big feature. There’s a few big ones to hit: an organizer that surfaces inactive feeds that no longer get read, a discovery platform that helps you find users, stories, and feeds related to what you like and what you may not even know you like yet, and porting many of these web-only features to Android and iOS.

All those features are very interesting and at first I found it hard to come up with a personal preference.
But then I had this thought:
Even if I am not a big fan of all the “app infatuation” I think an efficient news reader app for mobile devices is essential and in today’s world a successful app can attract more users than the service itself.
And getting more users to our favorite news service would be a benefit for all of us.

I think efficiency is what attracted us to newsblur and there are quite a few things missing in the mobile app (e.g. swipe to unread, intelligence trainer,…).

So my vote goes to

porting many of these web-only features to Android and iOS.

I am very happy about Newsblur as things are now and I am very excited about the things to come.


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In my opinion problems with the core functionality of displaying feeds should be fixed first. In the problems area, there are multiple issues that are still open and are clearly bugs in NewsBlur itself. So before implementing features that only a minority can use (Android or iOS is always gonna be a part of the user base), I would like to fix bugs that affect the web interface and therefore potentially every user.

As a developer myself, I know that implementing new features is more fun than fixing bugs, but sometimes bugfixing is necessary.

Reihnold - you’ll have to explain to me what you find are the problems with the web. I use the web and it works great.

As for what’s next, I have a number of smaller features I’ve been meaning to ship. These are coming over the next couple weeks. Then I’ll start working on one of the bigger features. Not sure what, yet, but it’ll be one of the features at the top of the request list.

where can I find/contribute to the current feature request list?

Just by voting on these threads. I write down a new feature list every month.

One problem that affects me:…