Search is severely broken

So I’ve had this problem ever since the search feature launched, but I hoped it would get better with time. Sadly it hasn’t.

Search just doesn’t work for some feeds. Take for example. Any search request I make, no stories will show up, even though I am writing a word from on of the story titles.

And when search actually works, it shows results for read stories as well as unread, even though I have the feed set to only show unread stories. It would be nice if search actually respected this setting.

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I’m going to start with saying that this post is “severely” mis-named. Your issue is that it doesn’t work on a feed. That doesn’t make it severely broken. 

As for not respecting Unread when searching, that’s deliberate, as you’re searching for a story.

I haven’t looked at the feed, but I assume it’s got non-ascii characters. Try insta-fetching it.

Sorry for the wrongly named title. It just feels broken to me, because it rarely behaves how I expect.

The feed I linked doesn’t contain any special characters as far as I can see. And I can see all the stories, but when doing a search, nothing comes up.

As for the search behavior, it would be nice for a settings toggle between searching everything and just unread. I mostly use the search function as a filter, to quickly filter out any unread stories containing my search term.