Search function?

What about a search similar to the Google reader one?
Being able to parse all your feed in search of a single word could be great!


This is a huge feature that is planned for sometime soon. But it is simply massive. I am prioritizing mobile clients as well as a new tutorial and inline classifier before search. It’s there and I definitely want to get it in. Provided the iPhone app goes well, I’m thinking sometime this Summer or maybe in the Fall.

And it would be per-feed only, but that may be OK. Should it be able to search all of your feeds? That’s quite a bit of processing work on the server end. Maybe for premium accounts only.

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Good to hear this!

Really glad to hear this is coming. Also, you said mobile “clients”, plural – that means not iOS-only, right? Additional good news!

Yes, Android is a priority, too. But I released the NewsBlur API so that some enterprising dev makes a paid Android app and makes money off the app.

Those are two separate search functions. The search for a feed is a bit easier, but I’m planning to work on both soon. I have a few thing slated first: 1) ship the iPhone app (within a week), 2) customizations (story ordering, pane locations), and then 3) search. Social features are also on the list, but after everything else. I’d imagine within a couple months, if things works out.

I’d like to see a search function too (I’m a new premium subscriber).

Hi Samuel. I’m coming from Google Reader. In GR, I search for things I know I’ve seen but now can’t find. So that means searching across feeds in my Read Items. With 360+ feeds, I’ll be a premium account.

search would be awesome

I’m sure “search all feeds” (including content in old read items) is a massive undertaking, but that’s something I want to use very often.

this is very valuable feature for me

Honestly this feature is mandatory for premium accounts.

Search is critical for me (all feeds, shared feeds, or individual feeds). This should be a feature of a premium account. Make it part of a second tier if necessary to pay for extra server load.

I agree, this is one of should have feature. At least, newsblur sholud has all of similar feature as GR, then has its own.

Are there plans to do this in the future? Or will I have to think of something different to search through my feeds?

this is a huge feature for me … a google reader defector.

Any timeframe for the search function?
I have a premium account and I’m porting my stuff from google reader.

TheOldReader implements that already…

Oddball suggestion: I currently have ~200 sites in my list; it’d be awesome if I could search not just for article contents, but on metadata associated with the site as well: feed URL, blog URL, title, etc.

(Use case: I’d like to search for feedburner URLs, and see if there are alternatives I can use for those particular blogs, before Google kills off that product too.)

Yeah the lack of search really sucks.


But how would search work? I’m new to Newsblur, so please forgive me if I am wrong about this - but my understanding is that Newsblur does not give me access to the entire history of all my feeds, but only a finite number of posts for each feed. So if I wanted to search for something I read, say, last year, would I be able to find it, if it were hundreds of posts ago? If not, what good would search be? Or am I misunderstanding?