Search feature appears on top of mark all as read button, rendering it unusable

When I try to click the mark all as read button, it just puts my cursor in the search field which is basically in the same place, so mark all as read doesn’t work anymore.


You can actually still click this button, but you have to position the cursor *just* right, near the bottom.

Note that this only seems to be an issue when the story titles sidebar is on the left.

Heh, sorry about that. I don’t test the vertical (west-bound) story titles pane very often. Good news is that not only did I fix it, but I also fixed a couple other alignment bugs in the vertical view. I think you’ll find it a lot more well laid out now.

Thanks! <3

The buttons are still overlaying each other for me if the site title is a short one. If it’s long, the search field overlays the feed title with the Mark Read button below it. In consequence, I can get the Mark Read button to move down on all feeds if I reduce the width of the column it’s in, but that’s not a good workaround as I’ve set the width of all the columns set up the way I like them to be.

EM, can you post a screenshot?

Sure! I have three, with different column widths (I snapped just the relevant part, I hope it’s enough to see what is going on).

I don’t think you’re running the latest version. Make sure you refresh. This is what it has looked like since yesterday.

Huh, I had refreshed before posting here, but I think Firefox tricked me - did a forced refresh and it’s OK now, thanks!