Search Box Auto Fill With Username?

When I sign in to Newsblur and go to my default folder, the site refreshes and seems to show the results of an autofill of the search box with my username. I have no idea why this happens but would love to stop it from happening. screenshot:

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It’s Lastpass. Make sure you upgrade lastpass as you have a buggy version.

I’m using the latest version of Lastpass, 3.1.21.

It’s actually probably not Lastpass being buggy, you probably have the newsblur search field set as your username field.

The two fields I have in mine are login\u002dusername and login\u002dpassword. If you’ve got others in there, that might be your issue?

I haven’t set the search field as anything, it just started happening a while ago and today I figured I’d see if there was an answer. Where would I go to find out if my search field is set as my username field?

For a little more info, when I first open the newsblur page in my browser (set to and then click on the main folder (titled !!! as you can see in the screenshot), it’ll briefly show the new stories, then it’ll flip over to what you see in the screenshot. If I click on the folder “!!!” again, the regular stories will come back.

Sometimes for unknown reasons it’ll flip back to what you see in the screenshot while I’m reading, usually after I click something or possibly when I hover over a link with an image (using the imagus plugin), but it may happen once or twice during the whole day, so it’s not a constant thing. The only constant is the opening of the page, and when clicking on the “!!!” folder it’ll flip right over to the username autofill result.

Any help would be appreciated.


It happened again, this time when I clicked on the Share button at the lower right corner of the article.

I think I’ve figured it out, it was Lastpass, but not an out-of-date version, it was a self-added entry, which had the u002dusername and u002dpassword entries showing (see screenshot below, password field edited clean). So it’s only been a couple days since I removed that entry, but I haven’t had the problem since, so it may be resolved.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t get much help with the problem, but at least I got enough clues to eventually figure out what may’ve caused the issue.