Scrolling text has lag

While scrolling for feeds and full pages work fine, there’s a weird lag when scrolling full-text stories I never had before.

I’m running iOS 9.0.2 and recently had to delete the beta because it always instantly crashed-on-open, so I’m running the latest version from the App Store.

I wasn’t sure if it was seeing if I wasn’t double-tapping before scrolling, so I set all double-tap behaviors to “Do Nothing,” but the issue persists.

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This is still happening.  I’ve cleared cache, disabled all long-push and double-tap behaviors, and I still get a clear lag between swiping my finger and the full-text story scrolling.

Any update on this?

What device do you have?

iPhone 6s now, problem was also on iPhone 5s

Then there’s definitely something fishy going on with the device. I have an iPhone 6 and iPad Air and both devices are buttery smooth, both in horizontal scrolling and vertical scrolling. You’re running the App Store version, yes?

By the way, what’s an example feed that gives you this behavior? I’d love to reproduce it.
is the biggest offender

I have an iPhone 6 and I’m testing the latest iOS build with ZeroHedge. It’s looking pretty good, as we just switched out the rendering engine from UIWebView to WKWebView, which is the latest and greatest from Apple. Look for the upcoming 5.1 update, which should address the issue.

So, it may have been behaving like a memory leak.  It seemed to be getting worse, like unbearably bad, a full second or more from swipe to motion.  I force quit the app, restarted it, and the scrolling seems fine now.

I don’t know what you can fix at this time; I seem to recall even a reinstall didn’t fix it before, but now I’m not sure (I think I would have said as much in my original post)?

If it comes back, I’ll update again.

It always returns, slowly, over time, unless I force-quit the app and relaunch.  Not a huge burden, but not something I had to do in times past.  The lag gets more and more if I leave it.  Anything I can do to help you maybe recreate this?

I’ve had this same problem on my iPad for a while now. Force quit removes the lag until it builds back up again.

We have a massive update coming out soon. Stay tuned for v6.0.